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All users can solve doubts or questions about tax issues, social security, application for financial support, and personal finances, everything from the comfort of your home.

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We help you take care of your bills, without complications! Do you need to update your invoices, fill out the IRS (tax return) and even know if you are making a good investment in your business? We are here to provide you with the best service. And any questions that are not in our “plan” are always welcome!

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With small monthly payments, you subscribe to the best plan and during that time credits are credited to solve your questions. Each plan determines the number of credits you can use.

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- Solve your doubts
- Use of credits for all services.
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- We solve your doubts.
- Use of credits for all services.
- Service through multiple channels
- Informative newsletters.


- We solve your doubts.
- Use of credits for all services.
- Service through multiple channels
- Informative newsletters.
- Reminders for payment of tax obligations.

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Common Questions

The service we provide is online, however, our team has over 25 years of experience in accounting and has 15 accounting offices across the country. We are part of a qualified and stable partner network. The quality of the service we provide, our dedication, dynamism, and availability are our brand image.

Simplicity and Agility | All in one place | fiscal consulting| Personalised Service | Transparency and Security.

subscribe to one of our plans and then you can purchase the services/questions you have. Then we receive an email with your request and as soon as we have an answer to your "problem" we will contact you.

You will be charged monthly for the subscription you purchased. The credits you do not use accumulated, and you can use them when needed.

With Census One, you get valuable savings without making a significant commitment. Save your credits for when it suits you best.

If you need help with something that is not on our list, do not worry! For that, you just need to send us an email to and then our team will tell you how many credits you will have to spend.

If you agree, we will deduct these credits from your account and help is available.

We have several offices across the country. Any questions you can visit us at our headquarters in Viana do Castelo, whose address and contacts are available on our website.

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“They helped me with all my IRS filing issues.”

Joana Costa



“Essential help to start a lease. I recommend it!"

António Maria

Póvoa do Varzim


“They helped me to correctly fill out my IRS and to have all invoices validated correctly.”

Ana Gomes

Viana do Castelo


“5* Fast and efficient service!”

Luís Pires